Enchanted Moments

128 Main Street Milford, OH 45150


Monica and Robin

Hello and Blessed Be.

We are Robin Stapp and Monica Vance owners of Enchanted Moments.

Enchanted Moments was brought to fruition in October of 2004. It was the beginning of a journey of discovery for both of us.

We first met in 1974 while working at Procter & Gamble and became instant friends. Since then, our lives have been made up of shared joys, successes, sorrows, and a lot of laughs and love.

We first began a business partnership in 1997 with Enchanted Needle, a needle arts company. Together we designed and sold over 30 different charts and kits. We had tossed the idea around of opening up a metaphysical shop, and five years later Enchanted Moments was actualized.

It was truly an inspired choice. We found a retail space opened in Historic Milford that had a window box and a fire place, two symbols given to us as signs. We viewed the property the next day and signed the lease. We opened two months later. Everything came together in perfect synchronicity to make it happen, and we are now celebrating over 15 years in business.

We are more than just a brick and mortar gift shop. We are a community of like minded individuals sharing our collective gifts and experiences with our growing family.

We have a shared belief centered around the natural world and the Divine Feminine. We know that everyone has their own path to enlightenment and we welcome and encourage individuals from all paths of lives. We have an amazingly gifted and inspiring crew who are committed to helping others foster a healthy and happy journey of the soul. We are soul sisters and friends.

Our journey has been made possible with the support of our customers, friends, business associates, and our soul family.

Thank you for believing with us.
Thank you

Robin Stapp & Monica Vance


Featured in Cincinnati Magazine

Article: A Guide to Local Store Cats - Where to find furry friends around the city.
By Claire Lefton,-January 17, 2024
At this quirky metaphysical boutique in Milford, a black and white cat curls up by the register. This is Sophia, maven of Enchanted Moments, named after the goddess of wisdom. Sophia was picked up off the street as a kitten with her sister Inanna (recently deceased) by store founders Monica Vance and Robin Stapp. “She really is the owner,” Vance says.
Vance is only partly joking. “We sort of became the neighborhood place for kids to visit,” Vance adds. “We’re the bribery for parents to get their kids to eat dinner so they can come see the cat. We used to joke about charging people for coming in just to say hi because we’d probably make more money on Sophia visits than sales.”
Sophia also mans the register. When I arrived, she was cuddling up to the computer to absorb its warmth. In the hotter and sunnier months, you’ll find her sleeping in the window. When she’s up and about, you may want to watch your surroundings. “She is not graceful. She’s probably broken more than any customer ever could,” jokes Vance.
Vance and Stapp, who died in 2021, were always cat lovers. The two of them spayed and neutered more than 16 feral cats combined ,and Stapp kept six of the kittens. They always wanted cats to be involved with their store. Vance says Sophia brings so much love and energy to Enchanted Moments. “She’s magic.”