New Moon in Virgo

On September 14th we have a New Moon in Virgo. It is one of the most auspicious New Moons of the year. Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, goes direct within hours of the New Moon and it is in a Grand Trine in Earth. This represents a gift from the Universe for all the hard work that you have been doing. Grand Earth trines are the “I got this” aspect. It is time to dream big and the energy of methodical and organized Virgo will help to transform your ideas into practical realities. If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

Whatever we seed at the New Moon comes to fruition at the Full Moon. Each New Moon provides an opportunity to write down 9 things we want to manifest. Once this is done, you may write each one on a Bay leaf, put in in a fire or fire safe container such as a cauldron and burn them releasing the intentions into the Universe. You can also burn your list if you don’t have Bay leaf. This action allows you to turn your desires over to a higher source to do what is in your best interest in ways you may not have imagined. With this method, you don’t end up being blocked or blocking other’s vibrational fields and we co create with the supportive energy of the Universe.

Plan a ritual as suggested or create one of your own but be certain to take advantage of the fabulous energy available!