Getting Started with Crystals

When people come to the shop and want to get started with crystals, there is a group of stones that are usually the best choice for the beginner. It is important that no one goes overboard selecting everything that calls to them or following someone else’s instruction. Crystal shopping can easily get out of control for the seasoned collector, more so for the beginner.

It is like looking at candy!

After years of experience, the following are good first choices.

1. Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz is the pink crystal of self-love and caring. Everyone needs more love of self and others. It is a stone for the Heart Chakra. It is calming for the space and a chunk of raw Rose Quartz under a baby’s crib is very soothing. Many shapes are available to decorate with, jewelry can make wearing this crystal easy and beautiful as well as give as gifts.

2. Citrine
Citrine is another crystal in the quartz family. This crystal is light yellow in its natural form or a dark golden color when heat treated. The stone is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra and therefore supports a strong sense of self. All of us need to boost our self-worth. In addition, this crystal is used for success, prosperity and good luck. So much positive energy from a single stone!

3. Amethyst
The third in our quartz family is the amethyst. It has a range of colors from light to dark purple and tends to be available in a wide variety of shapes, jewelry and clusters. The amethyst has always been a popular crystal since it is the common birth stone for the month of February. It has many qualities, but the highest value comes from its association with the Crown Chakra. Amethyst is our connection to the Divine and the energy of our highest self. Meditating with this stone allows connection to a higher vibrational energy.

4. Black Tourmaline
Any black stone is a good choice. It could be obsidian, jet, black onyx or smokey quartz or Apache tears. Each has its own manner of protective qualities. My favorite is Black Tourmaline because besides providing excellent protection from negative energy it takes it and transforms it into positive energy. It is important regardless of which black stone is chosen, it is important to have one in the mix.

5. Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz boosts all stones it is put with. It is a generator of energy. There are many uses for Clear Quartz that can be developed as you continue to learn how to employ them in your daily life.

All these can be placed in a bag or combined with some that are worn. The important thing to remember is that to be of therapeutic benefit, they must be within 3 feet of the body. If a person is bedridden or confined to a chair, the stones may be put on a surface next to them or under the mattress or chair cushion. If using it for a pet, attach it to their crate or bed. Unless the pet leaves them alone, do not attach to a collar.

Once you are familiar with the energy of these crystals new ones can be added as needed or desired. Try not to add large numbers at once. Give the crystals a chance to integrate with your energy and see if you need more before piling them on. We all end up with large collections after finding what works best for us and the situations we wish to alter. Happy Crystal journeys!