Blue Lotus

Blue Lotus: A Remarkable Herbal Treasure

We are thrilled to announce that we have acquired whole Blue Lotus flowers, making them an exceptional addition to any herbal home pharmacy.

The Blue Lotus holds a significant place in the history of herbal medicine, with particular reverence in Egypt. It boasts a rich history as a "Heal-All" and has been celebrated as the ancestral flower in mythological creation stories. While it is often considered a nervous system tonic (nervine), its healing potential is extensive. Studies have also explored its lymph decongestant properties and uterine tonifying effects.

Blue Lotus is a herb that does not discriminate when it comes to healing. It precisely targets the areas in need and channels energy towards the individual's true constitution. In essence, it's a holistic remedy that addresses the mind, body, soul, and emotions.

Historical legends speak of the enchanting properties of Blue Lotus. Stories tell us that Isis used it to create perfume, while Cleopatra indulged in Blue Lotus essences. There's something magical about the Lotus flower emerging from the murky depths of the earth and manifesting pure, golden-blue-white energy. This visual beauty also aligns with the Chakra system, specifically the third eye and crown chakra. The golden hue represents the solar plexus chakra, associated with physical and earthly energy at its highest power, elevating the "I-Am" consciousness. It's a process of transforming earthly energy into the higher consciousness of psychic and universal energy.

Blue Lotus has a longstanding presence in traditional Aboriginal medicine in Australia. Aboriginal communities have been using all parts of this plant – roots, stems, and flowers – for over 40,000 years. The plant holds traditions and secrets in women's rituals, documented in botanical scripts.

It's important to note that Blue Lotus can have psychoactive effects, although these effects have not been thoroughly tested. Caution is advised before ingestion, particularly when it comes to possible interactions with prescription medications. This cautionary note applies to all herbal supplements and foods.

How to Use Blue Lotus:
This delightful flower can be incorporated into various culinary creations. From chocolate to salads, nut milks, and desserts, the options are endless. Its aroma is reminiscent of chocolate with subtle spice undertones. Unleash your creativity and add it to any meal or beverage that inspires you. For a
soothing tea, simply add a Blue Lotus flower to a cup and cover it with boiling water. Let it steep for 6-7 minutes to savor its essence, but avoid over-steeping, as it may become bitter.