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Free Soul International Lesson 9

Free Soul International Lesson 9
Learning Soul Control w/Francine Haydon
Free Soul International 10 Lesson Plan with Francine Haydon

In Free Soul, we believe that the Soul is not a separate entity or remote part of you. The Soul is You. In other words, You are a Soul. The major purpose of the Free Soul 10 Lesson Plan is devoted to helping you to experience fully your Soul Nature and the unlimited potentials, freedoms and capabilities that are available to you because you are a Soul.

Cincinnati's only International Free Soul Instructor/cCounselor, Francine Haydon, will be teaching or, more correctly, co-facilitating with you, the Free Soul 10 Lesson Plan. This is the 2nd set of 5 in the series of 10 lessons.

You must have already taken Lessons 1 - 5 in order to take Lessons 6 - 10.

Lesson 6- Moving Toward Unlimitedness Lesson 7- Living Your Unlimited Potential Lesson 8- The Illusion Is Real- Maximizing the experienc of the physical world. Lesson 9 - Learning Soul Control Lesson 10 - Reach for Limitlessness

The cost will be $50 per session for Lessons 6 - 10 or $200 per 5-session series if prepaid at the first class (a discount of $50).

Call Enchanted Moments 513-831-5508 to register.
Time: 6pm - 8pm
Cost: $50